30 July 2014

I was cleaning our first aid draws where I found a little box with my eldest daughter's first milky teeth.
Oh, memories started flowing and I was trembling with giggle just thinking about the day she lost her first tooth.  What a joy and horror it was!

And then came the trouble who we hire for the Tooth Fairy role.  You see, my daughter was glued to me and wouldn’t fall asleep from excitement or concern she might miss the Tooth Fairy if she winks a wink.  So I employed her Dad to be the Tooth Fairy – he goes to bed last and gets up every morning early at 3 am; kids are sound asleep and he walks very quietly.  So he fitted the opening perfectly.  I gave him instructions “Check she is asleep, put the money under the pillow and take the tooth”.
However, I missed to prepare the money or specify the amount.  After few glasses of nice Penfold Merlot, he decided it’s time to transform into a Tooth Fairy before submerging in his fluffy bed.  He went to his wallet, looked for some change, couldn’t find coins and just grabbed whatever was there.
Next morning my daughter’s excited screams and jumps woke me up as she was waving a 50-dollars note in front of my face.  “Mamma, look what the Tooth Fairy left – YELLOW dollars!  Imagine what colour I’ll get for the next tooth...”
Oh dear!  My, oh my...  The Tooth Fairy must’ve been too tipsy!  I had to fire “her” on spot or otherwise next tooth event had to be marked with GREEN dollars...
When the next tooth came off, I volunteered as the Tooth Fairy.  My daughter found a letter from her with strict instructions how to clean her pearly whites.
Ever since, we have on our “casual employment” list two fairies – The Tipsy Tooth Fairy and The Tightwad Letter-Writing Tooth Fairy.

Until my next post!
... and don't forget to brush your teeth!

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