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31 March 2015

The sea, the sea… has your eyes…
Swimming in them is a treacherous feeling of victory.
As I don’t know if it is the bitter salt from the conquered Seven Seas or dry tears incrusting my face…

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24 March 2015

I have been enjoying my monthly getting together with my friends Ilva and Simi and the way we travel in time with our virtual parties.  In some funny way I think of us as the Three Sopranos of food photography blogging.  Today, after a month break, we are again together to tell you some of our stories about drinks that bring memories.
Believe it or not, even that I live in the country of plenty; I still have moments where I crave for something very special and rare from my homeland or childhood.  One of them is the mountain tea called Mursalski Chai.  It is a wonderful herb I grew up with drinking it at cold winters, on school camps or just for refreshment.

In Bulgaria this precious tea is growing wild in the folds of the mystical Rhodope Mountain, the birthplace of Orpheus.  Rhodopean people are famous for their longevity and viability.   I would think this tea has a lot to do with it.

All through the Balkan Peninsula this tea is accepted and used for countless benefits, but that wasn’t the reason I have been craving for it.  As I sip it slowly, its fragrant aroma brings memories.  I feel the freshness of the high mountains.  I feel the chill of the morning breeze coming from the snow-capped peaks of the highland.  I hear the bees buzzing and swimming in flowers drenched in morning dew and heavy with nectar.  With every sip I can see the day awakening and the Rhodope Mountains sinking into its daily tranquillity…  Every sip from this tea is redolent of sun, honey, summer and weightless memories.

If you get your hands on this magic drink, don’t miss to try it.

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PS:      As you can read in most of the in-depth researches published about this herb, it is not only enjoyable fragrant drink, but it also has invaluable health benefits.  How about that – besides its toning effect, it has also strengthening, anti-anaemic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions.  It has been known for reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attack and stroke. It prevents the development of cancer cells and the development of atherosclerosis.  It has been proved that it is an antioxidant and it purifies the body.  It contains iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium etc.  It contains a great amount of flavonoids, which are the main active agents with antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.  It also contains tannins and essential oils.  Doctors recommend it for treatment of the respiratory system (coughs, bronchitis) and for treatment of the urinary system.  It is especially effective for healing of the urinary tract and prostatitis, liver and kidney diseases.  Recently Mursalski tea became known as the "Bulgarian Viagra".  The tea has a very strong specific taste and when brewed, it has a sweet flavour and light hints of mint.

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16 March 2015

For him she was as a peerless China vase.  He held her high and admired her with fear of her fragility and irreplaceable value.
She knew his qualms and she knew his demons – bigger than dancing dragons on Chinese New Year.  She would smile through her trembling eyelashes and would entangle him more in the riddle of her frivolous ways.
The silk thread was all over the room and one would wonder if she lost the ball of silk yarn rolling around or she is weaving, spinning and entwining a web…
Ah, as if he would care!
She can tangle him, she can spin him, but she always knew how to mend his troubled soul.  Wherefore he held her high as an unrivalled Chinese vase.

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10 March 2015

She brewed him a tea from mysterious recipes and mythical books…
He was enthralled from the gentle moves of her hands and her piercing brown eyes checking frequently on him.
She moved around as a fluid and he can hear the splash of her long skirts.
Her willowy fingers offered to his lips the first cup and the sip went as a brisk flow down his throat.
With the second sip he closed his eyes and let the burning sense of lonesomeness spill out of his veins and run away off his blood.
Next sip she gave him with whispers of forgiveness and all wounds he ever caused turned into fading scars.
His soul was filling with light and she was drinking it right out of his eyes.

She was his plague; she was his assassin; she was the tempest in his heart.
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1 March 2015

She was an old, mellow-eyed woman, which years one could count on her wrinkled face like the tree rings on felled tree…
Her knotted dry hands were holding with unusual gentleness the red and white tassels of Martenitsa.  Big smile like a breeze of freshness couldn’t hide her pleasure that Spring is really around the corner.  Warmth was spreading with every gesture she made to bless and gift the little ones with red and white Martenitsa.
“Red for health and white for wealth!”, she was wishing them and caressing their small heads.
“Make a wish!  Make a wish!” replied eagerly the children and run to their homes to show everybody what Baba Marta gave them.

It was getting really buzzy and noisy – chirping birds, singing children, buzzing bees, and clacking storks nesting on the roof of the old church…
Happy Baba Marta!

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