5 June 2014

Most of my posts are sprung from the nostalgia in my taste buds, my tickled nostrils or old dreams that have flown away but still linger in the sky of my mind.
I feed my senses with fragrances of my early days where the things were weightlessly happy and blithe.  It was each morning that we splash our faces with rose water and we never realized how precious thing that was.  It is the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.  It is the Rolls Royce of the roses.  It is the Champagne of all Damascena roses ever produced all over the world.  That undeniable uniqueness is that makes any drop of Bulgarian rose water or rose oil just stands out and literally fills a big room with its magical perfume.
I miss having the generous amounts and access to Bulgarian rose water and as it is now the time when in Bulgaria is celebrated the harvest of the Rosa Damscena in the Valley of Roses with the worldwide famous Festival of the Rose, I decided to have my own feast of senses.
Here I dedicate my impression of what rose is – beauty, purity, love or lust, indulgence and luxury...  I hope you enjoy my artistic interpretation of the timeless splendour of the rose with these series of posts-fusion of high-end sweets and Bulgarian rose water.
My special thanks to the very talented and young pastry chef Daniela Forzosi from Pasticceria Dolce Mia, who was enthusiastic to take on this visual and culinary challenge.

Until my next post!

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  1. Oh, Sophia! I remember my Granny bringing rose water or rose perfume in small wooden beautifully engraved bottles from her holidays in Bulgary, and as a small girl I treasured them so much! And they kept the rose scent even long after the perfume was gone indeed.
    That must be some of those that you speak about, too. How I loved it!
    Thank you for bringing those memories to me.. xx

    Beautiful pictures, very tempting pastries, well done!

    1. Miriam, I know which perfume veils you are talking about. My family still sends me some of those as well as lots of Bulgarian rose water. Each morning I spray my gilrs' hair with the rose water and brush them. They love it and the morning starts on a happy note.
      I will try to find a trustworthy supplier of fresh and authentic Bulgarian rose water and will send the link to you or even post it here if other followers want to have it.
      Big hugs!

  2. Oh, Sophia, this is stunning!! Stunning... and I don't have experience with rose water (well, very little) but your images stir up my senses and create some kind of nostalgia of what? Dreams, beauty, romance, a night in a gorgeous palace hotel with my husband, wedding roses... what beautiful images and words. And the cannoli and pastry cream (gorgeous) inspire me to try making something like this as well.

    1. Jamie, you are passionate and poetic woman!
      When my husband saw these photos and the one with the silk in particular, he exclaimed: "Are you shooting Fifty Shades of Rose?!..."
      Honestly, do try cannoli with rose water ricotta - it is delicate and mind blowing!


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