12 April 2015

He was sitting quite numb, absorbing the news for his second child.  It was a girl.
Another girl!
One more little bundle he was looking forward to meet but the midwives wouldn’t let him in.  Not yet.
He stood up.  Than sat down again and looked around the hostile hospital corridor wondering how to stem the waves of feelings coming on tides.
Then he jumped and run down straight to his car.
He drove.  And drove.  And drove past the town waking to the first calls of the spring.  Passed few little villages and could see the skirts of the mountains, still blanketed with the last month’s snow.  He pulled over and walked in the field of wild saffrons that was just piercing the thin frozen layer of snow that tries to melt…  They looked like a meadow of myriad candles, burning with orange and purple flames.  He picked them and picked them till his two man’s hands couldn’t hold the bunch of little flowers.  Then he rushed as fast as he could go back to meet his newborn child.
When the midwives let him in, he couldn’t hold his emotions of joy and pride.  “I am a true dad with ribbons”, he smiled at his tired wife.  “Thank you!  She looks beautiful”, and he covered all her bed with the wild saffron he picked from the mountains.  They tried to give each other a kiss but were too overwhelmed of feelings so all they could do is wipe each other’s tears.
Yes, she looked red, still wrinkled from swaddling nine months in her mum's womb and very tired from the first breast milk feed.  I guess she couldn’t be perfect…  To her parents she looked beautiful.  And only saffron can come close to it.

Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes for my birthday!

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  1. Once again, HAPPY birthday Sophia!

    1. Thank you so much Krystallia!
      Χριστός ἀνέστη!


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