9 September 2014

If you've ever spent your summer holiday in Bulgarian seaside, you inevitably have had the opportunity to hear about, smell and even try this delicious snack prepared typically on char grill.  It is a fast meal for children that parents have it ready before the barbeque party gets seriously busy with chatting, drinks and food.
It is a recycled food at its best and finest - about a handful of leftover mince for the kebapche skinless sausage for the barbecue later, old stale bread, herbs and spices, egg and that's about it!  As mamma use to say "with a handful of leftover mince and loaf of old bread we can feed an army"...

It is meant to be a children's snack to keep them happy and full while the grown ups are enjoying slowly their drink, mezze, yarn and slow cooking of the fresh summer meal on char barbie.  The truth is that every one loves them and there is always enough for young and old.

It was one of the first things I prepared for my mother-in-law long time ago, when we invited her to our new place.  However, she wouldn't wait for the meal to be ready.  She wanted to eat right then!  I made "Princess" toasts within minutes and slapped them on the barbecue...  But the trouble was far from over.  Being an Italiana, she wouldn't eat nothing that she is not familiar with or at least doesn't sound Italian.  So I was sweating a rain of sweat and worries over the hot barbecue plate and scratching my brain what to tell her.  I brought her on a plate the piping hot "Princess" toasts and told her: "Here you are, mum, this is bruschetta "Principessa".  It is Italian", I reassured her.  "Really?  Never heard of it!", she cut me and I had to think very fast on my feet.  "Oh yeah, it is from South of La Bulgara, far from Venezia."  She ate it, kissed her fingers and said "Brava!" and added "never been to La Bulgara, but we were very poor then to travel" and that's how the bruschetta "Principessa" was born.

Call it whatever you choose, but don't miss the chance to try it next time you get the barbeque going.  They are really delicious and clever meal for settling hungry little tummies or enjoy them with a glass of wine in a good company of dear friends.

Stale bread slices
1/2 kilo veal and pork mince (or meat of your choice)
1 egg
Green onions finely sliced
Continental parsley finely chopped
Savory (optional but highly recommended)
Ground white pepper
Cracked pink peppercorns

Mix the ingredients and let them stand to marinate for an hour or two if possible .  Spread a thin layer (about 5mm) on the bread slices pressing the mince mixture.  Place the slices mince down on well preheated barbeque grill grate and let it cook on low heat for about a minute or two till charred lines are formed and the meat doesn't appear raw.  Turn on the other side of the bread and slightly toast the bread till crisp and crusty.  Serve with yogurt drink if offered to children or with a nice glass of red wine if for grown ups.

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  1. I love your stories and love your images even more. Unfortunately am a vegetarian, this is a very tempting bruschetta “Principessa” - maybe time to invest a vegetarian one :)

    1. Simi, I am quite sure there is a vegetarian sister of our "Principessa" :)


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