24 September 2014

 An off-centre essay, dedicated to all passionate artisan bread bakers, and especially to Zoë François
and William Wood two inspirational pastry chefs I’ve met and who made me fall in love with bread.

I have felt bread dough in my hands for many years and loaf after loaf I couldn’t stop thinking how much the art of bread is like the art of love.
Bread baking is a wealth of passion and patience.  There are moments when waiting is vital; there are moments when every rushing second counts.
Lovemaking feeds on passion and succeeds on patience and experience.  There are times when waiting gets you further; there are times when you can't catch fast enough the flash...

A good bread baker knows that the secret of success is not a secret recipe.  The secret is  honesty.  Use only honest ingredients and learn to feel the bread - it is alive.  It feeds on love.  It reacts to weather change.  It is moody.  It is snappy and it can spoil when you haven’t been paying attention.
Bread dough is like a woman that knows what she wants and a good baker is like an attentive lover – he can tell how to satiate and indulge her...

Good bread bakers know that bread shouldn’t be rushed and the slower it raises, the better taste and texture develops.
A caring tender lover is not afraid to take his time, for he knows that he will harvest the rewards of sensual devotion…
With time bread proves and develops its flavour.
With time a relationship ripens and matures.
Just like baking bread, love is like a preheated steamed oven and sooner or later we all get burnt.

And if you still haven’t put your hands into wet and sticky dough and shaped a bread, or never jumped into a deep love, here are the basic ingredients -

Organic Baker’s Flour
Natural Sea Salt
Spring Water
Starter (Mother, Bigga, Poolish) or Yeast

Ilva and Simi have joined me in my bread journey.  Please pay them a visit and break a bread with us.

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Sophia, this is the most gorgeous post & I agree with every word! Happy baking x

  2. This is a beautiful ode to bread! I love your photos, so .. I don't know, organic, earthy!

  3. Loved the post, the images scream passion from both the photography point of you and bread making. This is my FAVORITE post on your blog. And you are a great story teller.

  4. Stunning photos, just beautiful! And such a beautiful, romantic ode to bread... a wonderful, perfect story.

  5. "It feeds on love!" Simply perfect. xo

  6. Beautiful words and pictures!



  7. Oh how many dear words from dear friends!
    Thank you all - it melts my heart that I have touched you with something that is very close to my heart and felt very strong about.
    I am so happy that you visited my blog and that my little essay evoked you.
    Love to all of you, S xoxo

  8. Oh my goodness, why has it taken me so long to find you! Your photography is outstanding. Each photograph tells a story.

    1. Welcome to my "home" Maureen! Liz Posmyk has been telling me a lot about you.
      On your question - I am too old to try to be shy, modest (or virgin), so here is my honest answer - wise people say that all precious gemstones (and talent) need to be unearthed... ;)
      Just kidding!
      I am truly happy to see you here!

  9. Wow!! Many thanks to Ilva for pointing to your blog. These photos are stunningly beautiful!

    What an excellent daily bread recipe! I just wish that I got the loft that you do. I'll gaze at your photos again for bread-making lessons....

    1. Indeed, Elizabeth - many thanks to Ilva for spreading the word. I can't be happier to meet you all here and most of all that you stop to comment and say hello.
      I've heard a lot about the baking babes and have been following BB's inspirational adventures through Ilva's blog.


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