30 December 2014

I am sure I am not breaking you the news how much in vogue is to have that all clean, all orderly, all pure white and natural feel and look of the Scandinavian interior design.
I have been with very mixed feelings about that trend.  Sure, this crisp clean look of pure whiteness, light natural wood and few goats’ furs tossed on chairs, benches, couches or just on the nicely polished timber floors prompts me to think of something dreamy and relaxing.

But here my dreaming stops.  It gets too clean, too orderly, too white to the point that, if I take a look at one more magazine or blog dedicated on the Scandinavian or Nordic style, my eyes will burn out from the bleaching overexposed photos.

How much white can I take before thinking I am in some well sanitised and hygienised hospital ward?!  It just feels too sterilised and almost neutered.
Who lives like that!?
Do these people have children?  And if they do, what’s wrong with their kids?

I have two (kids I am talking about) and they are very creative, resourceful and with imagination streaming out of their ears…  I can’t hold a house in a Nordic or Scandinavian magazine style manner for longer than 5 minutes.  As my daughter Apollonia says “it looks too empty and people will think we don’t have "things"”.
Hmm, “things”!!!  I was calling it mess, rubbish and lots of old broken toys...

The other day I was trying to get the house in orderly way, while my little angels were going behind me and throwing everything in a big messy pile.  When I eventually erupted in anger, both of them were heartbroken I call their handy work a mess.  The older daughter stepped in to clarify, “We don’t make a mess; we are decorating”…

Sure!  How didn’t I think about it!  Of course they are only decorating!  I am waiting for the day my daughter learns words like "eclectic"...

Yes, by the look of it, I wouldn’t blind you with clean and crisp white rooms, white walls and minimalistic interior.  Come and join me in exploring my house where every day I get surprised to find a long lost kitchen utensil in the children’s toy box or old and mummified Turkish delight behind the TV set.

Our home is really very “decorated” and full of "things"!

We don’t even need to install a thief alarm system since we have so many traps scattered on the floor, that any cat burglar can break his head before he even break in.  On that note, we have updated our home insurance that now covers for all physical and life-threatening damages we might cause to any possible home intruder.

To a Happy and Safe New Year!

Hope it is full of “things” and very “decorated”!


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  1. Hope you have a lovely year, too, Sophia, so nicely and lightly written, love your photos! :-)

    1. Happy New Year dear Miriam!
      So happy to see you here!
      Wishing health, love and joy to you and yours!


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