13 February 2015

“Cooking fish tonight?” he greeted, happy to see again her sunlit smile and wished he can dive in her beaming blue eyes.
“Yes, lucky I found a fresh rainbow trout.  It would be wonderful for dinner.  If I get home on time, I’ll bake a bread to go with it”, she replied as she sat in his cab’s passenger sit.
“Mmm, fresh fish and home-made bread!” he started to day dream over the meal she was planning.  “Fried?”
“No, I’ll bake it in paper”
“You sound as a nice cook.  I guess the only thing missing is a good wine”, he said as he approached her address and slowly stopped the car in front of her home.
“Wine is a great match for a fresh fish, but haven’t met many people that know how to marry fish with the right wine”, she returned as she paid her fair and got off the cab.  “Always nice to see you!” she greeted him goodbye.  He kept on looking in her direction long after she disappeared behind the door of her home.
It was almost time to cut the bread and she brought on the table the steaming baking dish with the fish still wrapped in the paper.  Her old and frail father was ready to bless, cross and slice the bread, when somebody knocked on the door.  They looked at each other wondering who that would be.
She opened the door.
First thing she saw was his happy wide smile lighting up the dark walkway of the corridor.
“I brought white wine for the fish.  Would love to share it with you and your father”, said my Dad as he handled a bottle to my speechless Mama.

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