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19 December 2013

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it – Hot off the press all the way from Prague!

A wonderful magazine was born from the passion and talent of three gifted women – RADOSTINA BOSEVA, ADÉLA KUDRNOVÁ and LENKA HLAVÁČOVÁ.

SOFFA magazine is a design magazine filled with mesmerizing stories and takes you for a joyful journey to places in Central and Eastern Europe; meets you with intriguing and artistic people, their taste and style; reveals you attractive design ideas for stunning interiors and entice you with mouthwatering dishes and fresh produce and last but not least – shares the love for all beautiful.

I can’t be happier for three of them and I am very proud that one of them is my dear and close friend Radostina.  She is very shy to talk about herself but I commend her as a very gifted and inspiring photograph with lots of feeling streaming from her images.

And I am also so proud to be a part of their first step in this remarkable and promising journey with my featured story about Our Family’s Christmas Baklava the Star of Bethlehem.

Enjoy the delightful pilot issue of SOFFA magazine with their Christmassy ideas and warm wishes for a Happy New Year – head over here!

Till my next post!
My very best wishes,

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  1. so beautiful post! thank you for all your kind words, for the beautiful pictures that you share with our readers and especially big THANK YOU for the support.

  2. Thank you for your very nice words, Sophia. Merry Christmas to You!

  3. You are very welcome Ada! I can't be happier for the three of you! My warmest wishes for Christmas to you too from our very hot neck of the woods!


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