21 February 2014


It has been 25 years since my soul was left hollow.  And my heart cannot heal...
So many years since the day you suddenly died.  We were laughing and cuddling one day and the next morning you were gone.
I grew up that morning and found myself in your place that was left empty and big.
25 years I screeched myself hoarse of silent screams and calls to bring you back for one more hug.

I keep your hair.
I keep your smell.
I keep your blue-eyed smiles from the photos.
I keep a flower from your grave.
But I will never fill my hollowed heart that echoes from my sorrow.
Time did not heal me...

Мамо, ах как ми липсваш!

© 2014 - sophia terra~ziva.  all rights reserved


  1. Oh Sophia, I have no profound words to write after reading this powerful, honest post. I just hope you can find small moments of joy in your world to get through this terrible loss.

    1. My dear Jane, I was away for few days and couldn't reply strait away. But your message has warmed my heart. And it means a lot to me! Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Lizzy! Lots of love and hugs to you and Peter from me!


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