ONLY ON MONDAYS – project “52”

3 August 2015

Mondays were nonworking days.
The aged seamstress made sure that all garments were sawn, pressed and ready for her patrons before church time on Sunday.  She was dry spinster; hardly spoke more than needed.  Her best creations were the wedding dresses she had to make for her clienteles.  At the end of the order, when the happy bride-to-be would pick up the beautiful white dreamy dress, when the little brass bell above the door would ring to announce the bridal customers have just left the shop, she will grab one of the round tins full with buttons and toss it as far as she can chuck.

Then, flying down will be the box with meticulously stacked thread spools, scissors and measure tapes and toss it in a mess on the floor…

She was closed for business on Mondays!
A fortune teller long time ago told her she’d get married one Monday…

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