WHO FORGOT ODILE – project “52”

4 August 2015

The tables were getting ready and butlers were overseeing the correct placing of plates, glassware and cutlery as the ball was to start soon.
All the important and noble families from near and far were invited to celebrate Princess Odette’s birthday.
The King issued special warning for the warding off the young sorceress Odile.  She was not to get any near the party.
It looked like everything was under control… Until the Master of the Ceremony found few black shiny feathers next to the last pile of plates and glasses waiting to be arranged on the table.  He looked over his right shoulder.  Then he slowly checked over his left shoulder.  No body was there, no body was watching.  He took the black feathers and pushed them under the dining table.

Don't mention Odile!  Let’s hope they forget about her…

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